Do you have the Right People on Your Team? The journey can be treacherous, risky, everyone has to work as a team, follow directions and still, you might fail if you quit. The rewards aren't just for money-this is bigger than that. White water rafting? Yes, but the same applies to being a business owner as well. At Hansen Consulting, we've helped over 130 businesses across the country successfully evaluate and navigate their team through many of the same challenges you're facing, but often by yourself.

Results, not just advise, to find your way

We are am a management consulting company devoted to helping our clients get more out of their business. More (productive) time, more value, more enjoyment and more satisfaction. We focus on improving business process, team building, measurability and accountability that help grow their business into an asset-not just a job.

Advise is the easy part-there is no shortage of ideas. Between their spouse, colleagues, bankers, accounts and lawyers, our clients have ample resources for plans. What’s missing and what ultimately has measurable results, is our ability to quickly assess the situation, and then role up our sleeves with our clients and work side-by-side with them and their managers to make the changes happen.

What’s the ^2?

In algebra, the ^ symbol is an exponential expression, meaning a number times itself instead of simply multiplying by 2. The result is a significantly larger number.

At Hansen Consulting, we help identify the brightest stars in your organization to leverage the skills, interests and talents of all to achieve not just multiple benefits, but the exponential power of a common purpose.


HC Insights

Why is Managing so Hard? In a word … PEOPLE!

  • You set strategic goals … and people work on other things
  • You want to run a lean business…but how do you know what costs are really essential?
  • You tell them you’re available to help … and you don’t hear about problems until it’s too late
  • You don’t want to micro-manage … yet you’re not sure if they’re on track
  • You hate reports … but how will you know what progress is being made?
  • And every year you have to do an appraisal … and you’d rather someone else be responsible

Why do businesses fail?

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It’s easy to blame the economy but the biggest cause of business failure is the owner’s inability to adopt to change.

It’s out experience that business owners have extensive technical knowledge of their business and can function well as long as he/she can maintain the control of the business they are accustomed to. If a business is to survive, it has to grow and as the business evolves, the owner is forced to step out of his or her area of expertise and perform functions that may be new to them. Accounting has been used for tax purposes or paying bills, but now it’s needed as a management tool. Turnover is often high as employees aren’t sure what’s expected of them. The duties of who’s in charge of pursuing new projects is not clear resulting in a sporadic work load that results in feast or famine.

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